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Evoking retro-futurist ads for Utopian communities built with a zero eco footprint, energy efficient amenities and architecture to inspire emotional tranquility and a sense of open spaces, Glissline’s debut full-length Horizon is itself a bit of an achievement of holistic design. The album, available on vinyl and digitally through Multidim Records, has a companion interactive experience created by Glissline that deconstructs the album track by track. It is visual synthesis as synergistic with the synthesized sound components of the music. Users of the interactive site can experience the unified aesthetics of the record with the ability to, in essence, live remix each track audio-visually by touching and moving the image and/or hitting the FF/NEXT buttons to switch to the next song. This takes the innovative use of a simple video game to release tracks to another level entirely.

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The melding of visuals and music alone would be a noteworthy achievement on its own but the album itself is one aptly titled. At a time when the world seems to be rife with negative emotion and social and political stasis and turmoil, Horizon encourages a forward thinking state of mind and envisioning a future when humanity has moved more toward a time famed scientist and futurist Buckminster Fuller would have approved. A time when automation frees up human energy and intellect not to scramble for basic sustenance but to explore inner and outer space unencumbered by the deprivation, destructive use of technology, outmoded economic and social models and the internecine conflict that currently holds human society back. The songs are a soundtrack to the glimpse of that far more sane time on the horizon.

Musically, Horizon draws on IDM and current electronic production styles and techniques. Its sounds are rich and thick but uncluttered. Fans of Clark and Go Dark will appreciate the mysterious yet engagingly playful quality of Glissline’s songs and the dynamic balance of melodic swells, textured percussion and punchy yet smooth low end. Glissline’s ability to stir the imagination and stimulate curiosity throughout the album is undeniable and that it is music informed by a yearning for a better future not so far from being upon us is just another dimension of what makes it a fascinating and satisfying release.

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