Multidim Records launches with first vinyl release, gallery show

‘Tangra’ by Cities Of Earth will be the first vinyl release from the emerging Denver-based independent music label

DENVER, COLORADO | SEPTEMBER 4, 2018: Multidim Records announces its inaugural vinyl release, ‘Tangra’ by the Denver-based audiovisual electronic act Cities Of Earth. This release marks the first of several planned for the newly unveiled independent record label Multidim Records.

Founded by Tommy Metz (the brain behind electronic powerhouse Glissline and owner of the now-retired Bocumast Record label) in 2018, Multidim Records aims to provide a home to emerging artists in Colorado and beyond who work in electronic and abstract genres.

‘Tangra’ is the 5th Cities of Earth release from multi-instrumentalist Michael David King, and the first to be pressed on vinyl. Drawing heavily on VHS science fiction soundtracks and vintage electronic music from the likes of BBC Radiophonic Workshop and Bruce Haack, the album is 37 minutes of saturated melodies amid swirling analog synths, string machines, amped drum machines, and layers of textured sound assembly. When performed live, each song is accompanied by synchronized video collage.

Multidim Records has more plans on the horizon, including new releases from Glissline, Andre Cactus & Ah, River, as well as interactive web experiences and live events.

Multidim will have an official launch event on Friday, October 12st Leon Gallery in Denver, featuring live audio and video performances from Cities Of Earth, Glissline, Andre Cactus & Ah, River, and more. ‘Tangra’ is available on vinyl and all streaming platforms.


For more information, contact Multidim Records at, Cities of Earth at